A Mom’s Story of Parenting with Cancer




In 2013, I went in for a mammogram as a precaution to discover that I had DCIS. The next day I had an MRI to find out it had spread to another duct, so it became stage one breast cancer. I was only 33 and my children or three and one. I remember my biggest fear was for them and who would take care of them. I was lucky that they were not old enough to understand what was going on. But in any event, it’s really hard when you have kids and whole household that you can’t run. After after talking with the doctors we decided that that double mastectomy because. I had 9 cm of my right breast completely covered in DCIS in the one duct and two small tumors it had spread to another duct. I decided to do the left breast because of my young age and that it could reoccur later in my life in that breast. The surgery was very difficult, but also dod give me peace of mind to get it all out. I was immediately put on tamoxifen for five years which was almost worse than the double. It basically put my body into a “menopause like” state and my body did not agree well with the medicine. There are many side effects that I encountered like moodiness, headaches, joint pain, and hot flashes. I know I should’ve been thinking how lucky I was that there was a medicine that could help me, but I’m some ways, I felt like I was almost better off without it. I stuck through it and before I knew it, the 5 years came. I did a lot of research over the years to find out many other medicines that I could take that would also help with lowering my estrogen. I think one of the best tests that I took was the 23 and me test, and also I had an extensive blood panel done that you can’t get your every day office. I went to optimal health and wellness clinic, where they discovered that I was deficient in a lot of nutrients. In my 23 and me test and the blood work I saw that I carry the gene MTHFR and that is a mentholation gene which is how your body processes toxins and illuminate toxins. I’m just trying to limit my toxins and be a safe as I can.

I’m here for any questions regarding anything…from managing side effects of tamoxifen to preparing for a
Double mastectomy.